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Dan Kelly welding falcon sculpture in Glenorchy 2023

The artist is Dan Kelly

  • born creative

  • self taught 

  • experienced in - functional & abstract & still life SCULPTURE

Raised in remote steep Wairarapa hill country in North Island Aotearoa New Zealand. Moved to South Island in 1982.

Also works in fashion, clothing design, events, building design and alpine tourism.

Renowned for sculpting  Aotearoa New Zealand’s extinct and endemic birds. Mainly large rustic works using re cycled steel sourced from historic farm settings.

Method of SCULPTURE is brutal, heavy duty with intense focus on correct 3 dimension proportion and seeking for works to have real presence of life force. 

SCULPTURES pay respect to Aotearoa New Zealand's unique LAND OF BIRDS history

  • reasons why this happened

  • birds co evolution with plants

  • those few that remain doing their best to adapt/survive against enduring danger from alien predators

SCULPTURES are mainly done by commission. Works are installed locally, nationally and freighted overseas international.

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