Annie's TUI

February 2022

Annie and her best friend Tracy came up to the hut on a snow shoe trip. Soon she learned about sculpture production and arranged to visit the workshop. At that time , the beautiful Fantail was being made and so Annie ordered a TUI.

At first we wanted to possibly make a cheeky Tui in a funky vertical position , twisting around looking cool. But when we visited the property and assessed the site it became clear that a proud Tui, standing classically, on the stone wall.. would be most suitable.

The sculpture began with talons and legs. Then it became apparent this Tui was going to be big. Approx 2.2m beak to tail end. At first I thought it would flow well, with having the wings in - not a lot of drama to make this bird. BUT - it proved to be complex, to achieve the strait big glider feathers of the wing curving around, even though they are strait, to be tucked into the roundness of the body. I didn’t re call, the two Glen Tui commissioned This being this challenging … but any way, we got there in the end.

The Tui was made in February. Then Annie informed that her and Gary were travelling to be with family in Western Aussie therefore would prefer to have TUI installed when they returned, in late September.

So we had the pleasure of having Tui in our yard , looking proud and honourable for all of winter.

I placed her over by the redcurrant bushes at the south end of our place. Then I went in the house and was stoked to find out, that Tui was viewable from inside the house , perfectly framed in the south end colonial window of the dining room.

Thank you Annie and Gary for this wonderful commission, for your Tui was totally fulfilling to make and have for ourselves to admire until installation.