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Dogproof Artgate

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

October 2018

   Unusually , I answered my phone with a number showing , not known to me....and it was a guy wanting to know if I might want to make him a gate as he had seen another one I had made someone else  Sure .. I could .  The guy is Aaron & with his lady - has a comprehensive new home at Arthur’s Point which needed to have dog proof boundary to better manage their very cute furry pet. The gate is made from re cycled historic mild steel fence standards and has a spacing / gap of less than 100mm so stop dog pushing through. I added a jockey wheel for more resilience and had the pleasure of welding the gate to the hinges on site at the install , meaning can get everything right and don’t have to pre empt the final hanging details when you are making up the gate prior .  Thanks Aaron .. was an enjoyable job.

Dan Kelly Sculpture - Dogproof Artgate

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