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Eagle 10 Wanaka

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

June 2018

   Incoming cold call email from website in 2018 late summer was from John Binney of Wanaka interested to commission a NZ Eagle to be sited somewhere on their sensational hillside property near Mt Barker .  Soon they visited us and spent 30 mins socialising and demonstrating themselves to be authentic successful people living their dream .  A few more emails and there you are .. Eagle 10 commission locked in  Am not sure if it’s Eagle number 10 but we can call it that .. sounds good  ( might be Eagle 11) What I like about John and Sandra is that they know what they want , dont muck round , get the job done  Very interesting and warm folks  Everything about this commission went well . The bird came to life roosting on its Glacial eratic and forever is looking over the most expansive pano of Wanaka as you will ever get  Thanks John ! And what about the home cooking smoko breaks from Sandy . Beyond restaurant grade.

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