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Glenorchy township NZ Falcon

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

As it turns out there would not be a better place to install a NZ Falcon sculpture as where it is now - on the front wall of a soon to be opening new understated hi qual accommodation and adventure duplex in Glenorchy township.

This bird took a while to get started requiring 3 different stages of setting up the scale and pose - for it had to be just right to fit in with part of the brand statement for the business ‘ The Falcon of Good Fortune “ - ie no requirement to show this falcon as a high speed aerial hunter with her wings out or be standing guard over prey or anything too aggressive. What we chose was to show a relaxed bird, resting on her perch, confident and wise, scanning the view.

We had in stock, very old caterpillar dozer yellow rustic sheet steel which was carved up to become the yellow of the legs and talons and around the face - of which is a trait of Falcons. And also - I brought back in to use oxy actetylene gas welding , which have not been using for quite a while. This meant I could utilise copper sheet to do the underbelly and leg fine feathers of which the copper colour is feature of Falcons. It did get complex, combining steel and copper on to the one sculpture as the types of welding are not compatible. To cut a long story short I had to weld bronze rod to steel to make small blobs of “ gold ‘ on the steel, ready to receive the gas melted easyflo silphos to make the copper combine with the steel frame. And then of course with brutal arc welding going on all round the dainty copper.

To help bring colour into the bird we also used grey oxide galvanised sheet and black Waratah sections to the moustache feather effect of the chin of the Falcon.

Thank you Doug and Liz, for this wonderful Falcon commission and good luck to your new bold business.

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