Glentui Falcon

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

October 2018

   Following the ongoing sales of sections and success of Glentui Heights subdivision near Bob’s Cove came the commissioning of a NZ Falcon , from one of the coolest, can do, let’s get it done / Style Miss girl next door Janine Twose . This sculpture compliments the 2 Tuis already installed & positioned at the entrance , on the Queenstown to Glenorchy-Queenstown highway . The Falcon takes pride of place nestled in the landscape , along Peregrine Falcon Rd . It is a fine example from myself striving to make each new sculpture, more special , resulting in this bird uniquely featuring our Falcon’s defining Yellow eye & beak surround detail. Also the wing design & detail is advanced with further underwing curve and shape to match more accurately true wing aero dynamic of the Falcon. One thing I find myself ruminating on is that each time I make a bird , I seem to know less about them as the more I study their detail , the more I am in awe of everything about the design of this animal that makes FLIGHT possible .  Especially this supreme hunter / Spitfire of ALL birds - The Karearea