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Greenhouse No .3

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

There we go again - a client seeing the Greenhouse we made at home for Christine , and then wanting to commission GH number 3.

In this case it was Debbi and Paul Brainerd , for installation at their property on Wyuna Preserve, just south of Glenorchy. Very handy.

Pretty much run of the mill cute easy going good feeling STRONG structure just the right size @5.5 m x 3m footprint , 2 doors for cross flow ventilation,raised beds using Maka sleepers , stone paver and conc floor for heat retention and using the good value sun tuff clear lite corrugated polycarbonate for the cladding. Also , about 1500 tech screws typically DK style , to hold everything in place along with rustic strap bracing details and out of the way surround shelving along the midline walls .

To finish off , sensible low key pavers laid to flow with the slightly undulating land , combined with drainage type new season potatoe size rocks around the door entrance for drainage away of rain flow from the roof area .

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