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Jacks Point NZ eagle

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

mid April 2017

   Up to Glenorchy one day to see us, came Guenther and his wife Louise. It was his birthday and his gift to himself was the commissioning of a BIG eagle. It was to be sited on a prominent natural schist rock outcrop on the edge of his uber cool half underground Thunderbirds are go type slick mansion on the premium lake proximity strip at Jacks Point. And what's more.. he wanted a Helicopter to lift the Eagle in to place A year went by and we were able to find ourselves with Guenther s big Eagle at the front of the queue - it was game on, let's get welding. The talons were made on location, form fitted to the rock and then the rock map topography was re created on our new big " sculpture platform " trailer and from there, the bird grew at the workshop. It was delivered to Guenther's place at 5.30 am in mid April, with the massive bird braced and towering on the trailer, making its way safely through the quiet roads of Queenstown, in the dead of the night. Heli install happened the following day, with Nick Nicholson piloting his heavy lift Squirrel with a 100 foot long strop D shackled to the birds flight hook on its powerful shoulders. Thanks Guenther, for this job I was born for this type of commission

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