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NZ Eagle birthday present for Michael

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

From Emily . Well it doesn’t get any better than this . A warm fuzzy commission for @ 2.5m wingspan rustic eagle to be made immediately for installation at their sprawling secluded property near Lake Hayes.

It was coming out of full on Lockdown at the time of Pandemic origin 2020 that this job came about .

Emily and Micheal were friends of Mark & Annabel Burdon. Emily had seen the Falcon sculpture which Mark commissioned and then it was discussion back and forth to get the right size along a with site visit .

It was an easy process , to deal with Emily as her confidence grew about where the bird would be placed - not on a rock but on an existing post and rail fence .This was a first , to place a heavy bird onto a fence , making it look like this was the birds roost and it would be happy here surveying across to the big house , keeping an eye on things .

In readiness , Mark and Micheal beefed up the post footing with a cube of conc and then I could create the bird’s talons in situ , straddling the post / rails .

On the day of install Michael made their quite small tractor do a mint job of lifting the bird from the sculpture trailer , holding it firm while it was welded to its " feet "

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