NZ EAGLE Installation

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

June 2017

   It was about a year ago when Matt phoned out of the blue and said he would love to have an Eagle and could we meet to discuss. Well, this is my kind of meeting and it was one of those " oh man, this is so neat, these people, the way they present, the current chapter of their lives - it felt good to be part of the same race as this wonderful tight couple with a not yet 1 year old young son.." Matt and Mandy & Lenox Could have been auditioning for their own movie.. think not just good looking but both of them super model type good looking and as it transpired, kiwi as, the same as us, down to earth and on a roll. The little we learned about their lives, seemed to be perfect as a movie script in a simply serendipitous way.. Currently residing off shore and with a newly purchased NZ super home at Tuckers Beach Queenstown.. It became clear that their love of fine things - collecting beauty and purpose to surround them. And so they commissioned a NZ Eagle, to be perched / landing on a rock and also purchased the " fleeing Young Moa " sculpture, counter balanced on a schist rock. Thank you, you charming humans It feels very good to realise our sculptures are in the company other very fine artworks you have.