NZ Falcon on rock for STONEFLY Lodge Motueka

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

June 2019

This super cool Falcon with yellow eye marking was initiated by a phone call from Belinda of Jerram Tocker Barron Architects who were building a new high end tourist lodge in Nelson region .

This fly fishing facility is a new super lodge exclusive villa associated with long established Stonefly Lodge in the Moutere Valley , near Motueka .

The brief was to come up with an iconic NZ Falcon , to be installed as a landscape feature which would associate with the Falcon Brae branding of the complex.

Following on from much intel flow , it was our pleasure to use the classic “ flaring to land “ stance of the Falcon and have the sculpture already on it’s perch / rock as a work complete , only requiring final positioning and dressing by the landscape team on site .

This meant finding a suitable size shape local rock and setting it in a horizontal host concrete plinth for ease of transport and positioning.

The completed sculpture was then super braced to its tailored pallet on our light trailer , in order that it could safely travel the 1200km journey to the new lodge .

This all went well and it was impressive to see the new villa and meet it’s owners Don and Stacey , along with John & Kate Kerr , of Stonefly Lodge .

We visited and approved one of the chosen sites for the Falcon on a prominent outcrop at the villa , exactly where a Falcon would roost , surveying for prey .

The sculpture was then hi ab unloaded in the valley floor nursery area , to sit quietly awaiting its final helicopter long strop lift install at the completion of the landscaping and opening of the villa this October .