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Phantom Eagle

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

July 2016

   A lady had been to the Glenorchy Cafe some months early on this year and taken photographs of the big Phantom Eagle. When she was visiting her friends, Nigel and Debbi, at their new corporate function / wedding venue, overlooking Mt Maunganui in the Bay Plenty.. she mentioned about the big eagle and showed her photos. And this is what started the big sculpture install journey. Nigel rang to discuss if I thought the Eagle might suit being installed on a rock next to thefunction centre.. so I measured and emailed photos and then all agreed it would most likely be suitable. Next thing was a plane ride south for Nigel and Debbi to come to Glenorchy to visit the bird up close. So this happened and then Nigel also could not resist buying the Giant Man as well. The idea was also hatched that as we would be accompanying the sculptures to install them (and having tools with ) that it would be worthwhile to look at doing a third job and this involved enhancing the feature doors/entrance to the function centre by overcladding the existing cedar doors with rusted steel and bolted texture with bespoke rustic door handles. Part 1 of the trip was to commission a 10m deck low loader truck to make the journey from Glenorchy to "Bella Vista Lodge" (as it was known). Next was extracting the sculptures from the GYC and then carefully laying down the Giant Man with the JCB on the old Glenorchy Tennis court, so that he was suitable to load laying down on the truck. Then on went the bird, which required substantial bracing with timber, tech screwed to the trucks wooden deck to prevent wobble and movement of the big wings, on the 1000km journey north. Myself and Christine flew up and stayed in the very plush apartment accommodation wing of the main lodge... being fed and watered and pampered by Nigel and Debbi.

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