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Rustic NZ Eagle Installation

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

May 2017

   One of the most beautiful big Eagles made… found its roost and home, on a natural schist rock mound.. itself sculpted smooth and formed during the recent Ice Age in the Wakatipu Area, ending about 5000 years ago. For this install, a new set of talons were made on location, followed by cutting and removing the massive 7m wingspan bird from its production mount atop a concrete plinth in Glenorchy. Pretty cool having the right tools and men to assist with this in the form of Gilly, with JCB, placing the bird on his bespoke high quality articulated trailer unit combined to his Falcon flat deck…. And then the owner of the sculpture, Tony, lifting the bird up to the schist outcrop with his 20 ton digger and holding it in place for the welding of the ankles to the new talons. With this installation, the images say it all. Easily one of the most supreme locations and install for the massive Rustic NZ Eagle, resulting in the presence of the bird being beyond Tony’s expectation of what he thought it would be like. 

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