Updated: Oct 30

Steve liked the style and content of another gate already done which he saw in Gallery and so we chatted about the challenges involved with designing and making his gate.

It had to be two halves, opening inwards which is uphill with the cattelstop on an incline, therefore gate could not be full height to ground.

It was to be hung on 4 feral hardwood square posts , each side, that were butted together, but had no real heart timber to drill in mount normal gate hinges.

Therefore the posts had to be wrapped with straps and then hinges would be welded to.

Straps had to embedded into the timber and also fully tech screw anchored to provide strength for the heavy gates to be hung on.

GATES are a pure form - all made in historic mild steel fence straps. Including the post straps. The hinge dogs were also made from historic steel angle post sections.

It all came together well . The gates were made as separate and then combined to be one big gate so that it could hang precisely on its hinges and then be cut in half , allowing it to meet in the middle perfectly as two gate halves.

The hinges and dogs were assembled in situ and welded solid with the gate being fixed in place so varying tolerances could be taken into account, paying full respect to the gate ’s vertical and horizontalness. The hinge straps and gate braces were also done in situ and finally, the neat little centre latch.

Steve wants GATE signed by artist & dated. OK, can do.